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You don’t exist in an infinite number of places, say scientists

How Mind-Uploading Could Enable Interstellar Travel | IdeaFeed | Big Think

“Oddball” Galaxy Contains the Biggest Black Hole Yet

It seems that scientists will keep finding the next biggest phenomenon in space until they realize there is no end to what can be discovered because of the infinite nature of the cosmos.


It’s thought that at the heart of most if not every spiral galaxy (as well as some dwarf galaxies) there’s a supermassive black hole, by definition containing enormous amounts of mass — hundreds of millions, even billions of times the mass of our Sun packed into an area that would fit inside the orbits of the planets. Even our own galaxy has a central SMBH — called Sgr A*, it has the equivalent of 4.1 million solar masses.

Now, astronomers using the Hobby-Eberly Telescope at The University of Texas at Austin’s McDonald Observatory have identified what appears to be the most massive SMBH ever found, a 17 billion solar mass behemoth residing at the heart of galaxy NGC 1277.

Located 220 million light-years away in the constellation Perseus, NGC 1277 is a lenticular galaxy only a tenth the size of the Milky Way. But somehow it contains the most massive…

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“We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself…”

This post reminds me of a quote I once read: “To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world”.

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Carl Sagan once said that “we are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.”  It is through this beautiful truth that we may find the inspiration for our own individual becoming.  It is this becoming, this blossoming of the human spirit which has the ability to change the world and alter the course of reality in so many profound ways.  We can all become a reflection of the glimmering pool of the Universe, a builder of dreams, a vast and wondrous mystery which captures the imagination and sets the course of human history towards new paths of self-discovery.   Each of us holds within us a piece of the cosmos, a new reality which we can either hide from the world or graciously give back to that which we are apart of.  But, there is a choice.  It is a choice which we are perpetually presented with throughout…

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